To meet the increasing demands for qualitative training, while reducing costs,
we have developed a VR rehabilitation tool based on the following 4 factors, which we believe are key to a successful rehabilitation:

Therapeutic Methods

A digitized rehabilitation process created from traditional therapeutic methods ensures that the therapist feel at home in the new digital world.


Continuous screening and evaluation of the patient through data collection helps the therapist in the daily training and ensures that the patient receives the best possible personal rehabilitation.


A fun training session increases the patient's motivation, quality of life and the effect of the training.


Repetition and high intensity are essential for effective rehabilitation.


Our vision is to create the leading VR rehabilitation platform in Denmark.
Our goal is to provide a user-friendly rehabilitation tool that makes it easy for both
municipalities and private individuals to apply VR rehabilitation to all their patient groups.


VR-Rehab has created the ReHub platform, which contains all the necessary software for effective and user-friendly training in VR.
ReHub is created with the patient in focus; It is possible to screen the patient with well-known therapeutic screening tools, and the training can be adapted
to the individual patient so that the virtual world fits perfectly with the patient’s physical and cognitive abilities. The training takes place in specially
developed training applications developed with professionals and patients. The patient’s progress can be followed through data-driven patient analysis and
daily notes can be added as well. All this is easily transferred to the EHR, so that the time spent on documentation by the professionals is reduced.


To ensure easy and straightforward setup and use of VR as a training tool,
we offer a complete package solution for VR training with the necessary hardware.

Tomorrow’s Technology, Today.

  • Training of staff through an intro course in VR rehabilitation
  • Cleaning procedure so staff can easily keep the equipment clean
  • The system is set up for training the patient in just 2 minutes
  • Therapist-friendly plug & play cart with all necessary equipment for VR training

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Simple cart with all necessary equipment to carry out effective VR rehabilitation. Developed with therapists, to ensure that anyone can use the system without training in setting up VR and computer. Equipment consists of HTC Vive (VR glasses), computer and all necessary cables that are stored in the mobile plug & play cart which ensures that all nescesary equipment is available to the therapist during training. We also teach in the use of the system to ensure a quick and solid implementation of the product in a busy day.

VR Glove developed from special antibacterial material with physical sensors that allow fine-motor hand training in VR, thereby ensuring greater transferability from the virtual to the real world. Equipment consists of Hi5 VR Glove, HTC Vive Trackers and disposable gloves that ensure the best experience of fine motor training in VR. Also included is specially developed software that adapts and calibrates the glove to the individual patient. We teach you how to use it, to ensure the optimal implementation of the product in a busy day.

ReHub Home is our home-use software, designed for physical and cognitive training of patients in their own homes, nursing homes. It is also suitable for self-training at clinics. ReHub Home is managed through Vive Focus, HTC’s standalone VR glasses coming to Denmark in 2019. There is great potential in self-training through simple training applications, and since patients’ progress can be monitored remotely, more resources can be freed to use on patients who cannot train alone. In addition, there is the possibility of exposure therapy, virtual housing support and much more.


We are developing our solutions together with professionals and patients. Here you can read some of these stories.


Please contact us with any questions, requests for cooperation or if you want to get a demonstration of ReHub.

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